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The Blue Rose Case
Joyce's voice cuts and soars and teases. She delivers paintings, portraits richly embellished glimpses of the human heart with her imaginative lyrics and commanding delivery. Each of the twelve songs in this album is fresh and evocative of a different facet of human experience and yet each is a part of a single multidimensional tapestry woven of the genius of its creator and the well matched musicians supporting her. Her unexpected and effortlessly rendered tones dredge up a picture of intensely rich hues, of lines drawn from several lives.... Black, Brown, Basque and blue.
Village Voice Writer: Helen Valborg

Joyce Vetter The Blue Rose Case

If you're looking for a blues album, The Blue Rose Case is not it, but if you love variety rockñ folk with tight musicianship and surprises around each corner, than pick this up! Joyce Vetter is a respected talent around No. Cal. And No. NV ... Watch her rise!

Cover Photo By: Linda Dufurrena Reno Blues Society editor : Michele Lundeen
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